NOV 16, 2022

Good after to all i have a few little things to announce.

1. I have added a member's room to announce when some one has join our Discord.

2. When you goto your server list in Minecraft and hover over the player count there will be a new menu for you to view. This menu will display what's new on our Minecraft server.

3. I have moved the merchant to the main sign in Pandora-box server and moved the bank teller in the bank where they supposed to be.

Thats it thanks for reading this and have a night.

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Major Announcement
OCT 9, 2022

Hello and Good Evening! Today i would like to apologize for not posting nothing
in two years. I have been really busy with real life things and as all of use,
know real life comes first. So here are the new major updates
1. Our halloween special is back.

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One Block Sky Block
July 20. 2020

Hello to all to i am please to annouce that we now have We have a new mini game
called oneblock Skyblock this mini game is one of the funnest Mini-Games i have
played in a while i hope all of use enjoy this game and remember to have fun and
follow the Rules :).

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Plots Square
July 16. 2020

Hello to all to i am please to annouce that we now have Plots-Square
in place of our Creative world this is to protect your build due to
griefers griefing the world so now you can build safe and not worried
about your builds.

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MineCraft Bedrock Edition
July 13. 2020

Hello to all i am please to annouce that we now have a Minecraft Bedrock Edition
server. Mind use that this is in beta stages and the the limit of player allow on is 20
max. We are also aware that there are bugs on this server and in time will be fix.
But we do encourage you to contact us if you find any bugs at here. And remember
to have fun and also to follow our rules/guidelines.

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Facebook Page
July 9. 2020

Hello and welcome We have a few announcements to share we have redesign our
web site and hope all of use like it also we have a new item in shop take a
look and finally we have Facebook for our server take look under social thank
you for takeing the time reading this and have a nice day.

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