Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.

What is OcraftVR ?

OcraftVR is a company that host server's for games like Mine-craft Java Edition,
Mine-craft BedRock Edition, Left For Dead 2 and ark. We are located in New Jersey.
We have been in operation sense 2007.

Terms of our Application

By submitting an Application you are agreeing to the terms for the application. You are also agreeing to follow our rules. By breaking these rules or falsifying information we here at OcraftVR have the right to revoke your rank and restart your OcraftVR Account and remove any or if all weapons,tools and misc items these rules are here to protect you and the other's on are server

Note: this includes Donation Ranks.

What is a Admin/Helper ?

Admins and Helpers are players that are on the server and form a front line and give player support. Their role is to help and assist players by answering questions, explaining how to use the server and moderate chat to ensure that players are keeping to guidelines and respecting the rules on the Servers.

These are the rules for Admin's and Builder's.

1. Do not harass each other.
2. Do not Sexual harass others.
3. Do not disrespect others.
4. Do not give items to a player they must be earn through playing.
5. Do not spam the chat.
6. Do not swear to one another.
7. Do not Grief the servers.
8. Do not hack/cheat your an admin u have the permission to use creative mode.
9. Do not abouse your power please show an example to others.

And for not least Admins are require to atleast be on once per week and provide
help when needed. Breaking there rules can result in a permanent ban as mentioned
before these rules are to protect you and others on are server so please follow
our rules and remember to have fun.

What do we look for in a Admin or a Builder

1. Strong communication and team working skills Ability to multitask
2. Good knowledge of HTML, JAVA and basic knowledge of running a Server.
3. Strong knowledge of the server rules and ways of reporting.
4. Being patience and remain calm in a challenging situation.
5. Able to adapt quickly in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Terms and Requirements to apply for Admin/Helper ?

There are four things you need in order to apply for Admin or Helper and there are no exceptions made to these rules:

1. You must be 16 years of age, or older to apply for the position.
2. You must have a rank or played "Extensive Period of Time".
3. You need to have access to Discord/Skype and a working microphone.
4. You must not be staff on any other server or network.

How do I apply for Admin/Builder?

Step 1: The Application can be found here
Step 2: Fill out the necessary information with out leaving anything blank.
Step 3: Submit your Application and wait patiently.

Note: Misleading or Falsifying information on this Application can result,
in a perm-ban on our server's. This Application is to protect you and the
others on our server's.

Why should you consider applying for OcraftVR?

Listed below are a few things you can read to better understand why you should apply:

1. We are a friendly community that inspires other to be the best they can be as an admin.
2. We are a community that does not support racism, rudeness and ignorance.
3. We listen to all when he or she feels things need to be changed.
4. We are open-minded and respect feed back and criticism to help better our server's.
5. And for not least! We encourage people to apply not just to do so but to supply
    education through knowledge to be one as an admin this is no easy task it takes
    time and patience to learn.