Returns & Refunds

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We here at playocvr.servegame are not the creators of MineCraft and Minecraft nor Mojang are not affiliated with us here at playocvr.servegame. MineCraft was design by Mojang which is now own by Microsoft and this list of names
Microsoft, MineCraft, Mojang, NightSeeker, PayPal,
and all others names, plugin's, and some photos belongs to there respectful Holders.

Note: we do not support hack version's of minecraft so we keep are servers online mode to true so hack versions can not connect to are servers.

You may receive a refund if one of the following has occurred.

1. If you have purchase a rank and have not received it.
2. If we decided to shutdown our servers for good and you
have bought a rank on that day.

You may not receive a refund if one of the followings have occurred.

1. If you have got baned from our discord, Minecraft or our ark servers.
2. If you have bought a rank and failed to provide the necessary info that
proves that you have bought that rank.
NOTE: That all sales are "Final" and that your are not guaranteed a refund.